About Whakatane

Welcome to beautiful Whakatane, the main centre for the Eastern Bay of Plenty. We enjoy a climate and lifestyle second to none. Many people are choosing to visit, relocate, and do business in a place where life can be enjoyed to the full while the central location means we're also within easy reach of a number of main cities.

The climate is superb and many people are choosing to relocate, buy or set up business in a place where life can be enjoyed. Whakatane records the highest temperature in New Zealand about 55 days of each year. Average annual sunshine is 2332 hours with an average annual rainfall of 1207mm.

Whatever your reason to visit the Eastern Bay of Plenty you’ll discover everything you need in Whakatane

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Head south from Auckland and you could be relaxing in the sun with us in just 3.5 hours. And we're just 2.5 hours drive from Hamilton, a little over 1 hour from Tauranga, and only 1 hour from the Rotorua Airport.


Whakatane reliably records the highest temperature in New Zealand for about 55 days every year. On average, we enjoy 2332 hours of sunshine each year, so whichever way you look at it, we're one New Zealand's sunniest towns and the perfect holiday destination.


The site of the town has long been populated. The statue of a chieftainess, Wairaka stands on a large rock at the mouth of the Whakatane River and commemorates her courage and the origin of the town's name. When the canoe she and a group of Maori women were in started to drift out to sea, Wairaka cried 'Me whakatane au i au' (I shall act like a man), and the women paddled together to save the canoe.


Charter a fishing trip, enjoy the magic of an encounter with the dolphins and seals or a guided kayak tour around Ohiwa Harbour and the wildlife sanctuary at Whale Island.

Explore Whakatane on a wonderful network of walking tracks. The Nga Tapuwae o Toi walkway will take you through one of the country's largest remaining coastal pohutukawa forests, past historic pa sites, enchanting sea views and abundant birdlife.

Visit nearby Ohope with its 10km stretch of stunning white sand, perfect for surfing, swimming and just relaxing in the sun. Or explore this spectacular part of the Pacific coast by bike, on the Motu Trails.

Other Whakatane attractions include the excellent museum, an observatory and Maori cultural and historical sites.

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